Parent and Teacher Association

Working Together for our children


Castro Valley Elementary PATA

20185 San Miguel Ave. Castro Valley, CA 94546

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President - Kristine Coffelt

  • Presides over all school PATA meetings, oversees the functioning of the Board, and serves as liaison with the principal. Represents CVE at various events and meetings.

Vice President - Jodi Dameral

  • Plans and organizes PATA social functions such as Ice Cream Social, Movie Night, Bingo Night, Skate Night, Family Nights at local restaurants, etc. Serves as liaison between the Chairpersons of the social events and the PATA Board.

Co-Treasurers - Ed Mateo & Ivanka Kjuchukova

  • Collects, counts, and deposits PATA monies, writes PATA checks, maintains books, keeps the ledger, prepares monthly budget and presents an update at meetings.

Secretary - Dorothy Theodore

  • Takes minutes at Board meetings, types and distributes copies. Assists other officers with duties as needed.

Co-Ways & Means - Dawn Robertson & Miriam Terran

  • Reviews all fundraisers and decides which fundraisers would be best for CVE.

  • Delegates each fundraiser to a Chairperson and assists Chairperson when needed. Each Chairperson and committee coordinates events aimed at raising funds, publicizes the event through The Bear Facts and CVE PATA website, arranges for volunteers, and collects monies.

  • Reports the results and profit to CVE PATA. PATA needs a lot of energy and effort here. Fundraising is the means by which PATA funds major projects that benefit the students at Castro Valley Elementary!

Co-Volunteer Coordinators - Salvatore & Ari Huitzilopochtli

  • Work with the volunteers to make sure everyone has a responsibility.

Webmaster - Rita Mateo

  • Maintains website

Castro Valley Elementary School Parents and Teachers Association by-Laws

Name and Purpose:

  • The organization shall be known as the Parents and Teachers Association of Castro Valley Elementary School.  Mailing address: 20185 San Miguel Avenue, Castro Valley, CA 94546
  • The Parents and Teachers Association herein referred to as PATA has been organized to enrich and enhance the programs and opportunities for all students at Castro Valley Elementary School, herein referred to as CVE, by fostering communication among the students, parents, teachers, staff, administrators and members of the neighborhood and business communities.  PATA shall promote activities, parental participation on campus, in the classroom and fundraising for the benefit of CVE.


  • Value judgments and other issues of culture or religion are the property of individuals and shall not be dictated by the decision making process.  Differences between all people shall be respected and valued for the richness they bring to our shared experience.
  • No substantial part of the activities of this organization shall consist of carrying on propaganda or otherwise attempting to influence legislation and the organization shall not participate or intervene in any political campaign (including the publishing or distribution of statements on behalf of any candidate for public office).

Membership and Dues:

  • Membership is extended to parents and guardians of CVE students, teachers, staff, administration and the community members interested in supporting the purposes of the organization.
  • Dues are not required for membership; however, donations of an amount determined by the incumbent board members per family and/or in-kind services are encouraged.

Executive Board:

  • President
    • Oversees monthly PATA meeting and Executive Board Meetings
    • Plans and reviews all PATA meeting agendas     
    • Attends or appoints a representative to attend monthly Parent Leadership meetings with CVUSD Superintendent; collect and disseminate information to general membership
    • Serves as liaisons to the School Principal and Staff
    • Approves all PATA communication
    • Monthly meetings with Principal
  • Vice-President
    • Assumes responsibilities of President when needed
    • Liaison to Webmaster
    • Liaison to Event Chairs
    • Responsible for getting PATA communication for distribution
  • Secretary
    • Responsible for taking minutes for PATA General and Executive Board meetings.  Minutes should be typed or legibly written in ink and made available to all PATA members at the next general meeting
    • Responsible for maintaining minutes for PATA General and Executive Board meetings.  Minutes should be typed or legibly written in ink and made available to all PATA members at the next general meeting
    • Attends Executive Board meetings and General PATA meetings
  • Treasurer
    • Shall have the care and custody of all monies and securities of the organization and maintain an accounting of all SCRIP monies. Two separate accounts will be maintained: one for the general funds and one for the SCRIP monies
    • Shall record all deposits, receipts and disbursements and present the records for inspection upon request.  The incumbent Executive Board will establish the record format and/or program to be used
    • All checks drawn on either account that are $100.00 or more will require two (2) signatures; recognized by their presence on the bank’s signature cards.
    • Monies derived from SCRIP shall be used as approved by the general membership quorum
    • Attends Executive Board meetings and General PATA meetings where monthly reconciliation report and current balance, in writing, will be presented
    • Shall maintain appropriate liability insurance for PATA and file all necessary annual tax returns.   Arrange for an outside audit yearly
    • Arranges for annual review of PATA’s financial records. Reviewer must not be a signer on PATA’s bank account
    • Prepares yearly budget in preparation for approval by General membership each fall
  • Ways and Means Chairperson
    • Reviews all fundraisers and presents possibilities to General membership for approval
    • Oversees activities of the chairperson and committee and assists when needed
    • Reports the results and profit to PATA General membership
  • Volunteer Coordinator
    • Responsible for maintaining confidential volunteer database and spreadsheet
    • Solicits updates at PATA events and throughout school year
    • Provides events chairpersons with volunteer information
    • Recruits volunteers, as necessary, for school
    • Liaison to Room Parents
    • All updates presented at Executive Board meeting
    • Must collaborate with principal and school staff for volunteer opportunities
  • School Principal
    • Attends PATA meeting and Executive Board meetings, as needed
    • Serves as liaison to the faculty and staff
    • Approves all communication to general school community
    • Participates in monthly meetings with President/Vice-President


  • The Executive Board will review all proposed committees and their budgets prior to presenting to the general membership for approval at the next general meeting.  Purpose and listed responsibilities for the development and execution of support of activities shall lie under the leadership chairpersons
  • Chairpersons shall present any committee additions or changes to its budget to the Executive Board before presentation to the general membership
  • Chairpersons are responsible for adhering to PATA policies and guidelines, updating, recruiting and returning Events Binder to PATA executive board at end of their event
  • Chairpersons must hold at least one committee meeting prior to event with interested volunteers/parties

Meeting and Procedures:

  • General PATA meetings are scheduled for the first Tuesday of each month at 6:30 PM unless otherwise posted
    • All members present may vote, including the School Principal, Teachers and Staff.  Agenda will be posted in the office window prior to the next scheduled meeting
    • The right to defer a vote on any new business may be no longer than two successive general meetings.  This will allow time for discovery on the issue and to inform the remainder of the membership
    • The Executive Board and/or the members may call meetings at any time to discuss specific business of the parent club.  A report of such meeting will be placed on the agenda of the next general meeting
  • Executive Board meetings will be held once a month throughout the entire year, including summer, at a time determined by the incumbent board.
    • All Executive Board members are expected to attend
    • General members may be asked to attend as needed for input and project presentation clarification
    • School Principal participation is encouraged
  • “Robert’s Rules of Order” are recognized as the governing authority at al PATA meetings when not in conflict with these By-Laws
  • A quorum to conduct business at the general PATA meetings shall not be less than seven members; if no quorum is present, the meeting may continue tabling action items for the next PATA meeting
  • Election of Officers
    • An election shall be held yearly in May
      • Preferred candidates for the President position are previous PATA Executive Board position or committee chair.  No person can hold the same position for more than two (2) consecutive years
      • Every position shall be reopened every year.  If anyone serving on the current board wishes to hold the same position the following year, you must run again.
      • Position announcements will be at the March or April meeting
      • Elections will be voted by paper ballot at the May general meeting
      • The Transitioning Board consisting of the outgoing and incoming Executive Board will convene the June Executive Board and General Membership meetings
      • The Transitioning Board will also convene the Executive Board meetings in the months of July and August
  • Accountability, Registration and/or Removal from office
    • Executive Board and committee chairpersons are expected to attend their respective meetings where they are expected to provide oral and/or written reports
    • If a Board member misses three (3) consecutive meetings and has not provided a written progress report in lieu of their absence, dismissal may be recommended
      • Advance written notification must be provided to the officer in question at least ten (10) days prior to the general meeting at which dismissal action is expected
      • Two-thirds majority vote of members present at this general meeting will be needed for dismissal
    • Any Board member may resign their post at any time, but advanced notice of two (2) months is requested barring unforeseen circumstances or emergencies
    • Vacancies in office shall be filled according to Election Procedures previously stated, however, the time frame will be within one month of action, whether by dismissal or resignation, to accommodate PATA needs
  • Adoption, Repeal and Amendment
    • Any PATA member my propose additions, deletions or revisions to these By-Laws by presenting such a proposal to the PATA Executive Board
    • The Executive Board has the responsibility to disseminate all proposals to the membership prior to the next general meeting
    • Final action on such proposed amendment(s) may be taken at the next general meeting with a two-thirds vote of the membership present to effect adoption

Treasury Funds:

  • General funds account subject to annual review, includes monies from membership drives, individual tax-deductable donations and fundraisers can be used for general purposes only with the approval of the Executive Board and approved by the general membership present at the meeting
  • SCRIP funds account subject to annual review, includes monies from E-Scrip, Community Partner Cards and may not be used for general expenses.  Disbursement from this account must be presented to the Executive Board and then to the general membership meeting for discussion and vote
  • President and Vice-President or Co-Presidents have the authority to approve expenditures of up to $100.00 without a vote.  A detailed receipt and explanation will be presented at the next general meeting
  • Planning and budget allocations will be decided before the first meeting of the new school year.   The proposed budget will be approved at the second meeting of the new school year
    • Request for funds will require the submission of PATA’s Funds Request Form


    • Appropriate General Liability Insurance for the PATA club will be carried each year and paid out of general funds.  Proof of this insurance coverage will be kept on file with these By-Laws on the school site.