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2011-2012 Meeting Minutes

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Date: October 4, 2011

General meeting was preceded by visit from Superintendent Negri and Board of Education member Janice Friesen

Approval of Minutes

Motioned by: Anna G. Second: Gabby F.  Motion approved

Opening: Kristine Coffelt (President)

Principal’s Report:  Denise Hohn

    • Thanks to everyone for coming out
    • Great sense of community at CVE
    • Thanks for help at Welcome Back Potluck
    • Ari H. (Volunteer Coordinator) organized meeting of room parents and teachers today and it was well receive by all
    • Conferences are upcoming week of October 18
    • Thank you to everyone for help in cookie dough fundraiser

Teacher’s Report

Mrs. Limnios:  

    1. Thank you for room parent meeting
    2. Reminder about upcoming conferences
      1. Please arrive on time and respect the timing of the teacher and the next parent
      2. Please reschedule if you cannot make it

Mrs. Merrigan:  Garden Club

    1. Produce and flowers for sale at this meeting
    2. School Beautification day November 5 from 9 to 11 a.m.
    3. First Garden Club meeting October 28 from 3-4pm
    4. Need parent volunteers
    5. Outdoor Classroom
      1. Needs district approval
      2. Needs contractor to build a structure that is to code
      3. Funding assistance from Urban Village

Mrs. Merrigan:  Transitional Kindergarten

    1. Starts in January
    2. Interest forms in school office
    3. Must turn 5 before March 30

Open to all CVUSD families, priority to Title I school families (CVE, Stanton, Marshall).

Treasurer’s Report:  Ed M.

  • General fund balance:  $972.30   eScript balance $2,510.08
  • Various expenses since our last meeting include:
    • 4th and 5th grade field trips
    • Teacher reimbursements
    • Insurance
    • Zoo Phonics
    • Bear Com Radios (for disaster preparedness and yard duty)
    • Welcome Back Potluck

Drama Club:  Ed M.

  • Tuesdays after school from 3-4:30
  • Will require parent permission slips
  • Must be picked up at 4:30
  • Still working out logistics


    • Walk to School day-Anna G.
      • Friday October 7
      • Tokens given to walkers at back gate and front of school
      • Need help at 7:35 until morning bell
    • PATA Dinner for teachers during Conference Week-October 20 4-7pm-Ari H.
      • Different grades have been assigned items to bring
      • Room Parents will notify families and coordinate
    • Cookie Dough Fundraiser-Dawn R.
      • Orders due Thursday October 6
      • Pick up October 27
      • Need volunteers for distribution
    • Halloween Carnival-Jodi D.
      • Carnival on October 29
      • Set up will be October 28th
      • Prices will remain the same as in the past with the exception of maybe changing band prices to increase the day of in order to encourage pre-ordering
      • We need LOTS of volunteers this year.
      • Students from HS will be here to help again
    • California Shake-out Day October 20
      • Disaster Drill
      • Need volunteers to pose as injured persons at 9:30

Open Discussion

Dynamic Dinner-Rita M.

  • October 14
  • Tickets are $40 by pre-order $50 at the door
  • Pre-order extended until October 7

Round Table Fundraiser in November
Next Meeting—Kristine C.

  • Discussion of annual budget
  • Motion to pay $375 copyright fee for viewing movies without copyright infringement made by Gabby F., second by Ari H. and Jodi D.  Motion passed
  • This copyright fee will be a line item in the budget for next year

Meeting adjourned @ 7:50

Next Meeting: November 1, 2011

Meeting Minutes submitted by: Dorothy Theodore


Date:  September 6, 2011

Approval of Minutes with a correction of “balance his higher” to “balance is higher.”
Motioned by: Anna Gee Second: Alissa Fencsik

Opening: Kristine Coffelt (President)

Principal’s Report:  Denise Hohn

    • Welcome to new and returning families
    • Registration went smoothly with a lot of help from parent volunteers and parents who successfully completed on-line forms
    • 427 students and full in all grades
    • Congratulations for the increase in 20 API points
    • Met AYP targets in all subgroups
    • Friday will be school celebration at Unity Assembly
    • There are “Ask Mrs. Hohn Sheets” to have questions answered at the end of meeting
    • Introduction of Mr. Bill Harrison—crossing guard
      • Use the cross walks, even if it means walking a little farther
      • Don’t bounce balls in cross walk
      • Completely dismount bikes
      • Make sure children exit curbside
    • Public Work’s department is still working on applying for grant to improve Anita Avenue.  More on that as it develops
    • Back to School night is Thursday September 8
      • 5-6:00—Kindergarten
      • 5-6:30—General session in the all purpose room
      • 6:30-7:00—Session 1
      • 7:05-7:35—Session 2
      • Book fair will be going on in the Library
    • Check your calendars, there’s a lot of information on it. If you lost it, it’s on the website
    • Picture day is September 22
    • CBET—will be held at CVE to teach English to children and adults

Teacher’s Report

Ms. Milinkevich:   Teachers are excited to be back

  • Student Council bought new flags and put them up on Flag Day
  • New round of elections will begin for this school year
      • Applications will be taken Friday the 9th
      • Speeches given Friday the 16th at the Unity Assembly

Mrs. Merrigan:  Garden Club

    • Garden club will begin sooner than last year
    • Will meet twice a month
    • If you attended Earth Day Clean-up in April and received a shirt, bring it to the CV Sanitary District booth at the Fall Festival (this weekend) for a $10 voucher to a local business (first 500)

Treasurer’s Report:  Ed Mateo

  • General fund balance:  $9,241.72   eScript balance $2,510.08
  • There is a reimbursement for that will need to be completed for any reimbursements.


  • Book Fair—Natalie McCullough will still help out
    • Will begin at Back to School Night
    • Will run after school week of September 12-16 and also be open during Welcome Back Potluck
    • Need Volunteers
  • Cookie Dough-Dawn Robertson
    • Biggest Fundraiser of the year
    • Money goes to field trips and classroom needs
    • September 16th is the kick off
    • No finish dates yet
    • Volunteers needed for organizing and distributing


  • Back to School Potluck—Dot Theodore
    • Jumpers reserved
    • Balloon twister reserved
    • Need volunteers to help
  • Halloween Carnival - Jodi Dameral
    • We need LOTS of volunteers this year
    • Flyer will go out after Welcome Back Pot Luck
    • Students from CVHS will be here to help again

Open Discussion

New Sweat Shirts/T-shirts-Ed Mateo

  • New designs displayed
    • T-shirts $11 for children sizes $13 for adults/Sweatshirts $32
  • Pre-order only so that we’re not left with a lot of stock
  • Order at Back to School Night
  • Older designs are now discounted
  • Other items will be available for order
  • Encourage students to wear school colors on Fridays for Unity Assembly

Dynamic Dinner-Rita Mateo

  • October 14
  • Tickets are $40 by pre-order $50 at the door
  • Major fund raiser for Castro Valley Education Foundation
    • non-profit organization that provides grant support for teachers and students in CVUSD
  • Motion for PATA to sponsor 5 teachers to attend this dinner:  Teresa Coleman 2nd:  Leah Comilang.  Motion approved

Donors Choose—Rita Mateo

  • Donors Choose is a national program that allows teachers to post projects they want funded. Donors from across the country can view and donate to fund these projects.
  • Chevron-Fuel your Schools is pledging up to $1M to CVUSD through Donors Choose
  • For ever 8 gallons of gas purchased, Chevron will donate $1 to CVUSD during the months of September and October

New Computer are in the Computer Lab

  • The new computers are here and almost up and running-District will come out and put finishing touches
  • Special thank you to those who helped un-box and set them up
  • Please come see them after tonight’s meeting

Year Book—Ed Mateo

  • Submit pictures throughout the year
  • Drop off a memory stick with pictures in the office.  Put your name on it and it will be returned to you

Walk to School day—Anna Gee

  • Walk to School Day will be October 7
  • Encourage your kids to walk to school that day

Next Meeting—Mrs. Hohn

  • Superintendent Negri and another board member will be in attendance

Ask Mrs. Hohn

  • What is being done or discussed about the implementation of equity of resources in CVUSD?
    • This topic refers to the ability of some schools to raise tens of thousands of dollars to fund programs while other schools don’t have the same abilities and how the district as a whole deals with the disparity.  The topic is in discussions with the board at this time, no decisions have been made.

Meeting adjourned @ 7:37 (parents invited to see the new computers)
Next Meeting: October 4

Meeting Minutes submitted by: Dorothy Theodore