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2010-2011 Meeting Minutes

Date:  June 07, 2011 6:41pm

Approval of Minutes  Motioned by: Ed Mateo Second: Alissa Fencsik

Opening: Kristine Coffelt (President)

Principal’s Report:  Denise Hohn (not present)

    • Thanks to everyone for all the efforts during the school year.
    • Special thank you to Natalie McCullough for everything she’s done for CVE

Teacher’s Report:

  • Students did a great job during STAR testing

Treasurer’s Report:  Natalie McCullough

  • General fund balance:  $14,567.62   eScript balance $7,812.82
  • Expenses coming through:
    • End of year picnic
  • Balance his higher than previous years because of the money raised for computers which are still not yet purchased
  • Walk-a-thon $4,296.87
  • Coins for Computers ~$600.00
  • Back to school budget $1500
  • End of year celebration $475
  • Natalie:  Motion to spend $200 on new CA State and American flag.  Second:  Greg Ottria,  Motion Approved


  • Rummage Sale:  Kristine Coffelt
    • Postponed to June 11 due to rain
    • Collections of SELLABLE items will be week prior and possibly stored on stage
    • Sorting Wednesday and Thursday, moving items after meeting


  • End of Year BBQ
    • DJ Needs extension cord
    • Everything else is ready to go
  • Registration
    • Need help with packet pick up Wednesday and Thursday August 17 and 18 in the office
    • Need help for registration August 23rd


PATA Board Elections

  • Slate presented:
    • President:  Kristine Coffelt
    • Vice President:  Jodi Dameral
    • Co-Treasurers:  Ed Mateo and Ivanka Kjuchukova
    • Secretary:  Dorothy Theodore
    • Co-Ways and Means:  Dawn Robertson and Miriam Teran
    • Co-Volunteer Coordinators:  Ari and Salvador Huitzilopochtli
  • Motion to accept slate as presented:  Natalie McCullough.  Second:  David Fencsik.  Motion approved2011-2012 PATA Board Members are as listed above.

Open Discussion


  • District wants to purchase the computers themselves so they can make sure the standards are all the same and they are all identically configured.  The cost will be ~$14,000.00.  The district will buy 6.  Mrs. Hohn is trying to get the district to buy 7.

Next School Year

  • First day of school:  August 29
  • Back to school Potluck will be September 17

Possible after school Spanish class next year

  • Ari Huitzilopochtli along with other parents are looking into arranging after school fee based Spanish classes


Meeting adjourned @ 7:21
Next Meeting: September 6

Meeting Minutes submitted by: Dorothy Theodore


Date:  May 3, 2011

Approval of Minutes  Motioned by: Ed Mateo Second: David Fencsik

Opening: Kristine Coffelt (President)

Principal’s Report:  Denise Hohn

  • Thank you for the Staff Breakfast, it was much appreciated
  • STAR testing is next week
    • Reminder to get students to school on time
    • Testing starts at 8:20 a.m.
    • There will be make-ups for missed tests
    • Snacks will be provided by PATA
  • STAR testing Snacks (Natalie)
    • Asking for volunteers-contact Natalie McCullough
    • Purchase of snacks from Costco and packaging into classroom portions
  • Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast—June  3
    • Recognition for parent volunteers
    • Invitations will be sent out
    • Breakfast reception at 7:30 and then recognition at Unity Assembly
  • Special Guest:  Paul Keener-Alameda County Public Works--Ribbon cutting ceremony for Side Walk Project
    • Walk to School day June 2
    • Ribbon Cutting June 3
    • Discussion of grant application submission for Anita Avenue
      • Requesting pictures, support of the project to be collected by Ed Mateo and forwarded to Mr. Keener
      • Also letters/stories of how lack of sidewalks impact pedestrian safety
  • Family Learning Night/Parent Academy/Student Academy/Family Resource Center
    • Small group discussion
    • Collection of ideas

Teacher’s Report: Mrs. Caploe (via Mrs. Hohn) and Ms. Milinkevich

Mrs. Caploe:

  • Earth day was a huge success

Ms. Milinkevich

  • Discuss extension of California State Taxes that are set to expire
  • Pass out flyers to parents, not on school grounds Monday May 9

Treasurer’s Report:  Natalie McCullough

  • General fund balance:  $12,092.49 eScript balance $7,625.61


  • Walk-a-thon:  Ed Mateo
    • Score cards sent out today
    • Went well
    • Great DJs, friendly and inexpensive
  • Rummage Sale:  Kristine Coffelt
    • June 4 for Japan Relief
    • Collections of SELLABLE items will be week prior and possibly stored on stage
    • Will use the Teacher’s parking lot
    • Flyer will be made up and go out to students
    • Advertise on our Website and in the Forum
    • Set-up at 6 a.m. starting time 8 a.m. on the 4th
    • An organization has been contacted to see if they can pick up unsold items at the end of the sale
  • Coins for Computers:  Ms. Milinkevich
    • $650.50 in coins have been rolled and maybe another $30 in pennies still to be rolled


  • Staff Appreciation
    • Lunch-Kristine will set up lunch at the park
    • Gift cards-Alissa will set up
    • Motion to request funds for PATA to pay $400 for teacher/staff gift cards made by Jodi Dameral and second by David Fencsik.  Motion approved.
  • End of Year BBQ
    • NEED HELP!  Tracy and Deneb who usually head it up aren’t able to.

Open Discussion:

PATA Board Elections

  • Please consider running for a board position
  • Nomination forms were passed out and can be returned to the office
  • Elections will be held next meeting


  • $67 from bottles

Science Festival at High School on Saturday

Meeting adjourned @ 7:50
Next Meeting: June 7

Meeting Minutes submitted by: Dorothy Theodore


Date:  April 5, 2011

Approval of Minutes:

Motioned by Alissa Fencsik, Seconded by Anna Gee, All in favor

Opening: Kristine Coffelt (President)

Principal’s Report:  Denise Hohn

  • Thank you for the See’s Candy sales efforts.
  • CVE was represented at Alameda County Supervisor’s Meeting by 2nd and 5th graders.
  • We received a commendation from the Board of Supervisors for spirit and patriotism.  This will be reported in Bear Facts.
  • Japan Relief
    • Week long effort to raise money that will be given to the Red Cross for aid to victims of the earthquake and tsunami.
    • Rummage sale will be June 4 starting early.
    • Donation day – sometime during that  week, will be an opportunity for kids to bring in coins.
  • STAR testing will begin the 1st 2 weeks of May.
    • Natalie will be in charge of snacks.
  • Thanks to Ed Mateo for his work on the Year Book.
  • Questions:
    • Video of students singing at the supervisor’s meeting can be viewed on Castro Valley Patch.
    • Coffee Talk always follows Unity Assembly.

Teacher’s Report: 

  • Ms. Merrigan
    • Trouble connecting with master gardeners.  We’re going ahead without them.
    • Garden club will meet Fridays after school 3-4.
    • CVE will have summer school on campus so it will make garden care easier.
    • Working with Urban Village.
    • Sign-up sheet passed around for summer garden care.
    • Amy Furber-Dobson is the lead parent in this project.
  • Earth day is April 20, clean up will be 9-12 and continental breakfast will be provided by CV Sanitary district (no lunch to follow at Lake Chabot).
  • Recycling Program has been modified.
    • 5th grade used to dump less frequently but now the classes dump daily and 5th graders collect the larger collection container weekly.
  • Ms. Jessen
    • Student Council is rolling coins collected for the computers.

Treasurer’s Report:  Natalie McCullough

General fund balance:  $13,404.62 (which includes See’s Candy income and expense) eScript balance $7,463.65


  • See’s Candy:  Thank you to Ed and Natalie.  Net around $2,500
  • Walk-a-thon:  Anna Gee
    • April 20 during the day
    • Planning meeting April 6 at Anna’s house
    • Need a DJ
    • Money is designated for field trips
  • Rummage Sale
    • June 4 for Japan Relief
    • Collections of SELLABLE items will be week prior and possibly stored on stage.
  • Box Top-Jodi Dameral
    • Will be sending them in next week
    • 7674 box tops have been collected which brings in approximately $768
    • Almost $1000 in box tops this year

Event: Staff Appreciation-Alissa Fencsik

  • 1st week of May
  • Breakfast Monday
  • Lunch Wednesday
  • Sign-up sheet passed around for help

Open Discussion:

Year Book - Ed Mateo

  • Preview of Year Book by slide show

PATA Board Elections

Sign-up in the office for about a month

Family Learning Night Ideas for Next year - Mrs. Hohn

  • Start thinking of topics for next year’s Family Learning Night next year
  • This year we had one focusing on literacy
  • Would like to have more than one next year

Computers - Ed Mateo

  • Parent leadership meeting-district wants to standardize the computers in the district
  • They are pricing computers through Dell
  • They expect installation of computers to take 2 weeks

Site Counsel

  • Family Resource Center in our library/computer room
  • Need to come up with rules so that it doesn’t become a day care or miss-used, but

Meeting adjourned @ 7:25

Next Meeting: May 3, 2011

Meeting Minutes submitted by: Dorothy Theodore

Date:  March 1, 2011

Approval of Minutes:  February 01, 2011

Motioned by:  Alissa Fencsik, Second: Jodi Dameral - All in favor


Opening: Kristine Coffelt (President)  Brought to order at 6:30

Introductions of all in attendance

Short meeting, no introductions

Principal’s Report:  Denise Hohn

No Principal’s Report

Teacher’s Report: 

 No Teacher’s Report

Treasurer’s Report:  Natalie McCullough

  • General Account Balance$12,682.61 
  • eScript balance $7,093.13


  • Computer Fundraising-designate eScript money to computers
  • Sees Candy Fundraising-flyers go out March 7.  See Ana Gee for details  Money to be designated for computers
  • Walk-a-thon—will be at the end of April
    • Money raised usually goes towards field trip
    • Usually raise about $7K
  • Book Fair
    • Net sales about $3K which translates into $1500 in books for CVE the balance will remain in the Scholastic account


  • Open House-Pasta Dinner
    • 176 people in attendance
    • No financial loss or gain

Open Discussion:

  • Computers - Ed Mateo
    • Computer purchase and installation must go through the District
    • Letter will be written to Mr. Negri to see if we can go around this
    • We will be purchasing about 25 computers

Meeting adjourned @ about 6:40

Next Meeting: April 5, 2011

Meeting Minutes submitted by:  Dorothy Theodore

Date:  February 1, 2011

Approval of Minutes: Dated December 7, 2010
Motioned by Jodi Dameral, Seconded by Rita Mateo - All in favor
Opening: Kristine Coffelt (President)
Brought to order @ 6:35pm.

  • Principal’s Report: Denise Hohn
    Pre-K has started! There are 17 students currently enrolled with Ms. Merrigan, M-F 8:30-12
    Book Club on the stage in the auditorium, week mornings on Tu, Wed, and Fri. Mrs. Hohn and Natalie McCullough are running the show. Kids borrow books and are encouraged to explore the wonderful world of reading before they start their school day. We are looking for any volunteers that would like to help on Mon. and/or Thursday.


  • Teacher’s Report: Ms. Jessen & Ms. Merrigan
    Garden Club is starting.
    Meetings are scheduled for after school, Thursdays
    Family and parent participation is encouraged
    Many garden boxes around school will be maintained
    CVE Family Community garden near the Adobe Art Center
    Master Gardeners will come to help teach gardening skills
    We will be planting CA natives and veggies
    Thank you PATA for field trip $$!
  • Treasurer’s Report: Kristine Coffelt for Natalie McCullough
    General Account: $11,366.66 - eScrip $6,919.62
    $612 was spent in Classroom Donations
    $1,115 was spent on field trips
    $4,617 was spent on sweatshirt and t-shirt orders
  • Upcoming Events:
    Open House with Rigatoni’s spaghetti feed – Feb 17, 5-6 dinner, 6-7 class tours
  • Book Fair – week of open house (2/14-2/18) Set up will be on 2/10 in the Science Lab, in the afternoon. Contact Natalie McCullough if you would like to help
  • Computer Lab Working on pricing, we must purchase the computers through the district.
    The plan is to use the e-scrip funds and add $3-4K to cover the cost of 25 computers.
    Rita Mateo motioned to designate $6,900 to new CVE computers. Jodi Dameral 2nds.
    Motion passes.

Our secretary is leaving, as stated in the mass e-mail that was advertised to all CVE parents. The floor was open to anyone that wanted to offer to fill the position. Dorothy volunteered to take the place of Jayne Sahadi. All voted, and Dot was accepted as the replacement.

Yearbook cover was proposed and displayed. Winter month drawings are the theme. Anyone with pictures they would like to supply for the yearbook, please do so ASAP. Hard copies or electronic copies are accepted.

General Discussion:
Meeting adjourned @ 7:15pm
Next Meeting: March 1, 2011
Meeting Minutes submitted by: Jayne Sahadi


Date:  December 7, 2010

Approval of Minutes:    Dated November 2, 2010

Motioned by:                   Jodi Dameral

Second:                            David Fencsik

                                          All in favor

Opening: Kristine Coffelt (President)

Brought to order @ 6:30pm.

Principal’s Report: Denise Hohn

  1. A big thank you to Natalie McCullough and all participants in this year’s Outreach Program.
  2. Upcoming Pre-K meeting for transitional kindergarten will be in room 4. 16 are enrolled so far, 20 is our goal. Children attending include students from CVE, Marshall and Stanton.
  3. Morning Reading Club is looking for volunteers one day a week, before school, two volunteers per day. Club is held on the stage in the cafeteria. The goal is to have an opportunity to start the day reading.
  4. School Board presentation is coming Thurs., December 9, 2010 @7pm. Kindergarten singers as well as students from CVE presenting projects.

Teacher’s Report: Carol Caploe & Diane Jessen

  1. Teachers are finishing up report cards, going out 12/17
  2. Report card format has changed along with the new language/arts program.
  3. Teachers request new playground equipment to keep in their classrooms. They will compile a list to submit. Motion to approve an initial $300 to begin purchases; Natalie McCullough. Second; Jayne Sahadi. Motion passed.

Castro Valley Educational Foundation: David Fencsik

  1. Race To Nowhere – a movie and presentation about the way we educate our children. Talks about the pressure to excel and the high expectations we hold out children to.
  2. Superintendent Jim Negri brought the movie to CV while the Ed foundation funded the showing in hopes that parent clubs will help to reimburse the cost.
  3. Each showing is $1,500.00. The CVEF is asking parent clubs to donate $100-$200
  4. We have already budgeted a $50 donation for the CVEF this year. A motion to match the $50 and donate $100 total; Greg Otria. Second; Rita Mateo. Motion passed.

Treasurer’s Report: Natalie McCullough

  1. General Account: $20,064.49               - eScrip $6,614.73
  2. Rigatoni’s made $145 in gift card sales and $284.31 was our 20% profit.
  3. Cookie Dough made $8,396.73 profit this year.
  4. CV Outreach Giving Tree is located in the office.
  5. CVE adopted 4 families
  6. Return the gift before Wed 12/15 to the office. 12/15 & 12/16 gift wrapping at Canyon Middle School and deliveries.

Upcoming Events:

  1.  Literacy Night is moving to March. More info to come later.
  2. Movie Night is Jan 28, Friday. The movie is Toy Story 3. 7pm, doors open @6:30pm.

General Discussion:

  1. Sweatshirt pre-order sale ends 12/17/10.
  2. Computer Lab – Looking for a cheerleader for the cause.

Meeting adjourned @ 7:40pm

Next Meeting:   March 1, 2011

Meeting Minutes submitted by: Jayne Sahadi


Date:  November 2, 2010

Approval of Minutes:    Dated October 5, 2010

Motioned by:                   Natalie McCullough

Second:                            Alissa Fencsik

                                          All in favor

Opening: Kristine Coffelt (President)

Brought to order @ 6:30pm.

Presentation by Castro Valley Education Foundation member David Fencsik

  1. Job of CVEF is to support education at all Castro Valley schools, like a bigger PATA, with:
  2. Parent volunteers
  3. Fundraisers
  4. Scholarships (Dr. Mary Jane Stamm and other community scholarships)
  5. Mini-grants for teachers
  6. Block-grants – seed money to launch projects
  7.  Promotion of (which has raised 75K for CV schools – 124 funded projects, 19 of which were for CVE)
  8. Material donations
  9. Assist the District with the Dynamic Dinner
  10. Spearheaded electronic registration
  11. 4th grade dental screening
  12. Classroom supplies project
  13. Science Festival (May 7, 2011 @ CV High School)
  14. Summer Enrichment math classes for High School as well as Middle School tutoring
  15. Art & Poetry show (Spring 2011)
  16. District Spelling Bee
  17. Foundation Awards for academic achievement and Friends of Education Award
  18. For more info, go to


Principal’s Report: Denise Hohn

  1. Bear Time is meeting the reading needs of students based on assessments. The children participate 30 min./day  4 days a week.
  2. Title I funded PC’s essential skills program.

Teacher’s Report:

Mrs. Jessen (2nd grade):

  1. Phonics for reading used in the classroom is a very systematic way of teaching phonics. Including activities, testing and high frequency word flash cards.

Mrs. Limnios (kindergarten):

  1. Currently letter naming and initial sound fluency
  2. Bingo cards with letters
  3. Picture cards from the new Eng/Lang. series

Mrs. Milinkovich (5th grade):

  1. Working on compare/contrast and cause/effect
  2. Writing down stories

Treasurer’s Report: Natalie McCullough

  1. General Account: $13,151.21               - eScrip $6,319.85
  2. Budget estimate was distributed. Any additions or changes can be submitted with a Funds Request Form.
  3. Motion to approve budget, Jodi Dameral; second Dawn Robertson
  4. Funds request for Mrs. Furuyama for new supplies. $125.00. Motion by Natalie McCullough; second Anna Gee

Upcoming Events:

  1.  Rigatoni Night, Nov 9th. 20% will go back to CVE
  2. Skate Night, Nov 10th @ Golden Skate in San Ramon, 6:30-9pm
  3. CV Outreach Food Drive.
  4. Turkey Trot, Nov 22nd 9am
  5. Cookie Dough pick up Nov 16 2:00-5:00pm

Event Recap:

  1. Halloween Carnival went really well. Made around $3,048.00 income. High School students were a huge help.
  2. Welcome Back potluck was a lot of fun. Thank you to all who helped make it a success.

General Discussion:

  1. Contact Ed Mateo if you are interested in being a part of the computer committee or the yearbook committee.

Meeting adjourned @ 7:40pm

Next Meeting:  (NO JANUARY MEETING) February 1, 2010 @ 6:30pm

Meeting Minutes submitted by: Jayne Sahadi

Date:  October 5, 2010

Approval of Minutes:    Dated September 14, 2010

Motioned by:                  Anna Gee

Second:                            Alissa Fencsik

                                          All in favor

Opening: Kristine Coffelt (President)

Brought to order @ 6:35pm. Announcement that childcare is provided for K-5 grade children. All children younger than school age are welcome to join the meeting with their parents.

Presentation by School Board Member Janice Friesen

 - Without a passing of the State Budget, there really is no new info at this time. She will be available after both presentations for questions.

Presentation by Superintendent Jim Negri

  1. After remaining steady for the last four years, enrollment is up this year.
  2. K-3 classrooms are at about 25 max this year
  3. No more 4th grade music
  4. There are two added furlough days this year
  5. Academic Performance Index is up
  6. All Elementary schools in CV are over 800 (considered excellent)
  7. New English/Language adaptation working well with very dedicated teachers
  8. The High School enrollment was at 840 freshman this year
  9. Any issues with construction on San Miguel, please inform Mrs. Hohn immediately. Construction is not to begin until after 8:30am. They must avoid school arrival and departure times.
  10. Although 45-50 notices were given out to teachers last school year, the district was able to hire back all permanent teachers and some of the temps.
  11. Superintendent Jim Negri publishes three online e-newsletters--Superintendent's Newsletter, Board Meeting Highlights, and Budget Updates. If you are interested in receiving any of these newsletters go to to sign up.

Principal’s Report: Denise Hohn

  1. We will be performing a statewide emergency drill on October 21st. We are looking for parent volunteers to practice the drill and provide input
  2. The school’s computer lab is in need of upgrades. We are looking to improve and raise funds. We need 25 new computers which we expect will be @ $500-$800 per computer. With the 3 new fundraisers we have this year (Rigatoni’s, Sees & Yard Sale) along with spare change donations, we expect to be able to raise the funds needed. Motion to move forward with this fund raising made by Tracy Irvin; second motion Sylvia Gonzalves. Motion passes.
  3. Agreed to form a Technology sub-committee.

Teacher’s Report: Ms. Jessen & Ms. Milinkevich

  1. The new student council is motivated and excited for this year.
  2. A Big thank you to Natalie McCullough for National Geographic!

Treasurer’s Report: Natalie McCullough

  1. General Account: $15,553.08               - eScrip $6,170.70
  2. Direct donations were down this year. $1100 as opposed to the previous $1426

Constant Contact: Alissa Fencsik

  1. We are using Constant Contact for our PATA e-mails. Add yourself to the list if you want e-mails of Bear Facts or other info. The subscription for this is $150/year. Motion to budget for this service; Alissa Fencsik; second Jayne Sahadi. Motion passes.

Event: Sweatshirts

  1. Sweatshirts are in and look great. Being delivered to classrooms tomorrow.

Event: Walk to School

  1. Friday, October 8 walk to school day. 8:30 assembly followed by the 9:00 mode chart. Although walking around the construction is not ideal, all are encouraged to participate.

Event: Back to School Potluck

  1. Scheduled for Saturday, October 9th from 4-7pm.

Event: Halloween Carnival

  1. Saturday, October 30th from 4-7pm. Natalie McCullough motions a budget of $1600; Anna Gee seconds; motion passes

General Discussion:

  1. Tickets still on sale for the Dynamic Dinner. Get them now!
  2. Cookie Dough has kicked off

Meeting adjourned

Next Meeting:  December 7, 2010 @ 6:30pm

Meeting Minutes submitted by: Jayne Sahadi


Date:  September 14, 2010

Approval of Minutes:    Dated June 1, 2010

Motioned by:                 Ed Mateo

Second:                         Rita Mateo

                                        All in favor

Opening: Kristine Coffelt (President)

Brought to order @ 6:40pm. Overview of PATA. Explanation of our goals and purpose. Reminder that we conduct meeting according to Robert’s Rules. Meeting minutes reviewed and approved. Introductions. Brief description of “Ask Mrs. Hohn” cards, located in the office.

Principal’s Report:  Denise Hohn

 - Welcome! Thank you to teachers, parents and PATA.
- Online registration went relatively smooth; with many volunteers it was a success.
- We welcome 3 noon supervisors this year, Jodi Dameral, Miriam Teran and Dawn Robertson.  - Back to School night came fast, but was good to have so early in the year so that parents could           feel that all expectations are clear early on. The only change we expect for next year would be to push the start time from 6:00pm to 6:30 or 7:00pm, to allow more parents time to attend.
- San Miguel construction will include crosswalks with brick and lights. Sidewalks on San Miguel will finally stretch from the Boulevard to Sommerset. Construction is expected to be complete in Nov. /Dec. 2010. Anna Gee was instrumental in bringing these changes to CVE. Thank you!!
- Notice the bear paw prints painted around the school by Ed Mateo.
- Book Fair reminder. Natalie is running it in the science lab. $1400 in books has been ordered so far for CVE.
- New adoption of the English/Language workbook.
- Assessments begin next week, as well as bear lab, where students are grouped by targeted skill groups.

Teacher’s Report:  Diane Jessen, Vicki Limnios

  - Supplies and support is tremendous this year. Very generous, thank you!

Treasurer’s Report:  Natalie McCullough

 - General Account: $16,418.31, EScrip Account: $6,013.93


  1. This year we want to focus on “people raising” rather than fund raising. Reminder that Megan’s Law forms need to be filled out and on file with the office before you volunteer.
  2. Sweatshirt pre-order sale ends September 15. Initial order is not a money maker, but this will provide spirit clothing and screens for future use. Motion to provide $350.00 budget for screen set-up and shipping costs; Jayne Sahadi; second: Natalie McCullough

Event: Back to School Potluck

  1. This will be our 3rd Annual potluck. Saturday October 9, 2010 from 4:00-7:00pm.
  2. Motion to provide a $1500.00 budget; Natalie McCullough; second: Jodi Dameral

Event: Halloween Carnival

  1. This is our biggest event. Saturday, October 30, 2010 from 4:00-7:00pm.
  2. Donations are needed, more info to come

Event: Dynamic Dinner

  1. All $ goes to our schools.
  2. Tickets are $40 each and on sale now. Talk to Ed or Rita Mateo for more info.

Event: Cookie Dough

  1. Kick off will be October 1, at the Friday assembly.
  2. Orders will be turned in on October 20 and money counted October 22.
  3. Delivery will be November 16, 2010.

Event: Rigatoni’s

  1. Scheduled for Tuesday, November 9th.
  2. 20% of all proceeds that day (must be requested by patron) will go to CVE. Pre-order of gift cards are also available. Cards will be purchased that day, to qualify 20% to CVE.

Event: Walk-to-School Breakfast

  1. Walk-to-School breakfast, coming up on Friday, October 8.
  2. Children are encouraged to walk to school as the primary mode of transportation and join us at CVE for breakfast in the cafeteria.

General Discussion:

  1. has now funded $45,066.00 total in projects and supplies to teachers nationwide. Teachers are encouraged to post their wish lists ASAP.
  2. Student elections are this week with speeches this Friday @ assembly.

Meeting adjourned @ 7:50 pm

Next Meeting:  October 5, 2010 @ 6:30pm

Meeting Minutes submitted by: Jayne Sahadi